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Glowpink Clear & Glowing Skin Combo

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Glowpink Clear & Glowing Skin Combo contains 1 no.s of Glowpink Skin Lightening Gel of 50 gm and 1 no.s of Glowpink Dark Spot Corrector Cream of 30 gm.

Glowpink Skin Lightening Gel :

Best Moisturizer For Normal To Dry Skin

  • Contains Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera slowly entered the skin care market and found its eminent place. It helps in absorbing the excess oil from the skin and keeping the surface as well as the pores clean. It is also rich in antioxidant which repair skin damage from the deepest layer. Aloe vera's cooling property work on burns and prevent scarring or spots from them.
  • Contains Papaya Extract: Once just a fruit, papaya is now used in a lot of skin care product. It contains cleansing properties which help in removing the dead skin and dirt that tends to dull the skin. It also is excellent as an exfoliator. Scrubbing papaya removes the impurities from the pores. This prevents acne and acne spots.
  • Contains Saffron Oil: Saffron is one amongst the most luxuries ingredients. And rightfully so. It contains nourishing properties which brings an inner glow from within. It clears the skin and brightens the complexion.

How To Use

Apply this gel all over your face after face wash and massage it well until it gets completely absorbed into your skin.. You can use this gel twice in a day.

Glowpink Dark Spot Corrector Cream 

Very effective to remove Acne Scars

Glowpink Dark spot corrector comes packed with ingredients which help in erasing these dark spots for a spotless skin. Key ingredients red sandalwood and turmeric plays major role.

Fades Age Spots

No one wants to look older than they actually are. Age spots are skin damage which reflects pre-mature ageing. Glowpink Dark Spot Corrector Cream helps in erasing them with the help of geranium oil present in it. Massaging it on the skin improves the subcutaneous circulation, which, in turn, helps pre-mature ageing signs like age spots.

Erases Sun and Dark Spots

Spots on the skin can be a morale breaker. It not only makes one look unappealing but also reflects an unhealthy lifestyle. The corrector cream comes with almond and jojoba oil which contains anti-inflammatory properties that fade the dark as well as the sun spots. It also contains vitamin E which fight the free radicals and erase dark spots caused due to UV rays damage.

Treat Blemishes

Blemish is explained as a flaw on the skin. It could be a mark, a spot or even a discoloration. Glowpink Dark spot Corrector Cream with its beneficial oils and sandalwood helps in repairing the skin and fading the spots. Sandalwood absorbs excess oil to prevent acne while the citric acid eliminates spots and discoloration.

How To Use

Use this cream as a spot treatment in night time. First clean your face and then apply this cream on affected area, massage for 1 minute and leave it overnight on your face. 

Next morning wash your face and you can follow your regular skin care routine.