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Argan Oil, Test product, will not be shipped

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Glowpink Argan Oil Shampoo manages the hydration and the moisture on the scalp. It improves hairs' texture and make it silky, soft and smooth. It cleanses the scalp off impurities and penetrates into the shaft for healthy hair

Moisturizes And Hydrates: Apart from cleansing the scalp, it is extremely important that you moisturize them. Glowpink Argan Oil Shampoo does the job. It cleanses the scalp off impurities, wherein the fatty acid present in it penetrates into the scalp for hydration
Improve scalp Health: Glowpink Argan Oil Shampoo contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent scalp as well as hair damage. It also contains anti-fungal properties which treat infection that cause scalp infection
Prevents styling damage: Don't we all love curling, ironing or coloring our hair. But the fear of losing its quality is enough a reason to skip that idea. With this shampoo, you can forget the worry of damaged hair. Argan Oil is rich in linoleic, oleic acid, and palmitic acid which cast a protective layer on the hair. This keeps the damage from chemicals as well as heat away
Slow down hair fall: Glowpink Argan Oil Shampoo contains a natural DHT blocker. This minimizes hair loss and promotes hair growth. The DHT blocker controls hair from falling. The hydration repairs the damage from within and fasten the process of hair growth